The complexities of modern sports pitches and tracks and the plethora of standards means that understanding artificial sports surfaces has become an area for independent expert advice like that provided by Sports Labs.

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Sports Labs provides this expertise and advice, ensuring that the best solutions are arrived at for a specific site and that the choice of surface meets the requirement of the sport(s) being played. Ask any questions and get a swift reply from our dedicated team


Sports Labs pride themselves on quality and turn around, where our engineers and team provide the best avaialable service. The team can guide you through the laboratory testing and certification process.

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Sports Labs are strategically positioned in four different continents with nine different local positions to improve the service and price of testing for the client.

Sports Labs conducted field tests over 100 pitches last year. Our dedicated field team can guide you through the field certification process or have a diagnostic service carried out on your field to assess its current state or provide advice on how to revive the pitch to its previous performance.

Now is the time! Get in touch and see how we can help you today.

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